Women in Business: Overcoming Barriers to Female Entrepreneurship

Women in Business

We write this article in the hopes of supporting women in business everywhere. Whether you’re an experienced business owner or an entrepreneur starting out; a high-level executive or an aspiring leader – everyone will find something useful for themselves in this article. We look forward to sharing our insights into grants intelligence with you.

This article will focus on the different types of opportunities available to women in small business and women in tech, including grant funding and support mechanisms orientated towards women in technology and women in small business.


According to the ‘Gender Equality Workplace Statistics’ report released by the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency in 2022, women comprise 47.9% of all employed persons in Australia. Of those, 26.3% work full time, of these, only 6.6% account for women in leadership roles (chair positions, directors, CEOs, and key management personnel).