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Responding to Selection Criteria

Back to Basics: Episode 1 – Where Do I Find Grants?

Join us in April for the first session of our ‘Back to Basics’ series on grant funding, helping you navigate the fundamentals of securing grants. In episode one, we’ll be covering where to find grants. Whether you’re a nonprofit leader, a budding researcher, or an entrepreneur with a vision, discovering the right funding opportunities can […]
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Paving the Way: Grants and Funding Opportunities for Smart City Technologies and Urban Innovation

Smart Cities are technologically modern urban areas that use different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data, seamlessly integrating technology to transform the urban landscape. Join our exclusive grantscast to explore this diverse landscape of federal and state funding opportunities for building and transforming sustainable and innovative cities. Discover the elements that […]
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Green Grants Down Under: Exploring the Australian Sustainability Funding Landscape

In response to the increasing global concern for environmental preservation and sustainability, governments worldwide are directing significant efforts towards advancing innovative sustainable practices. This emphasis has taken a prominent role on the international funding stage, and Australia stands as a noteworthy contributor to this movement. The Australian government is realigning its dedication to safeguarding its […]
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Building Your Grants Strategy 2023

The Strengthening Medicare GP Grants is a brand new $220 million grant fund dedicated to strengthening the cornerstone of Australia’s health system – General Practitioner Clinics. Join us to deep dive the funding details available include eligibility, award sizes, eligible expenditure and submission dates.
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