You know grants are out there. We know where to find them.

As a full-service provider of grant research, writing, consultation, and administration, our team is available to help your organisation increase its chances of winning grant funds for upcoming projects. Grants Office deliverables have been developed and refined over a 20-year history of supporting our clients. We are happy to discuss how to tailor these tools to best match your organisation’s needs.

Research and Consultation

Work with experts who understand the entire landscape of funding available to your organization. Our staff can help in identifying best-fit grants for your upcoming projects and provide you with a customized list of next steps to become grant-ready.

Grant Proposal Writing 

Put your best foot forward on that next grant application. Our staff can provide hands-on support in creating a competitive and engaging proposal that is fully compliant with all submission requirements.

Grant Proposal Review

Receive extensive feedback on application materials developed by your organization. Our staff can review content for readability and comprehensiveness, while working to ensure your proposal is in full compliance with all submission requirements.

Project Administration 

Let someone else handle the paperwork. Our staff can work with you to collect data and submit all reports required by the funder after your grant award.

Interested in long-term collaboration and management of your grant projects?
With a subscription to annual grant support, you will always have expert resources on hand to help your organization find and apply for grants that are relevant, timely, and accessible

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