Grant Bites, January 2022

DGR STATUS Many grants in Australia require that the lead applicant is registered as a ‘Deductible Gift Recipient’ or ‘DGR’. In short, A DGR is an entity or fund (usually a registered charity) that is endowed by the Australian Tax Office to receive tax deductible gifts. DGR status is important in the Australian grants context […]
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Australian Manufacturing Insights

A productive manufacturing sector is critical for a thriving economy, and in a post-pandemic state, this has never been truer. The manufacturing sector contributes to six percent of Australia’s GDP, supporting over 850,000 jobs, and since the mid-1950s, national output has more than quadrupled. Despite this, manufacturing in Australia has been consistently declining as a […]
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Grant Funding in Australia: Jun – Oct ‘21 Highlights

In each issue of ‘FUNDED Australia’, we’ll feature several award recipients of Federal Government grant programs, whose projects focus on innovation in technology. In this issue, we’ll look at grant awards from June to October 2021 and other funding opportunities. QUICK STATS In the period from June to October 2021, $7.69 billion worth of grant […]
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