Grants Basics: Finding and Applying for a Grant in 2021-2022

Letters of Support

Anyone can apply for grants. It doesn’t matter if you’re a not-for profit, a new or well-established small business or a government organisation. Grants are intended to fund solutions for specific problems, varying widely in size and scope; there’s a huge variety of grants available each year for all types of organisations.

Whether you’re a first time grantseeker or a veteran, securing additional funding for your organisation through grants can often seem overwhelming. Working as both a grantseeker (over 5 years for not-for-profits in Australia) and a grants consultant working with a large variety of stakeholders with different levels of understanding about grants, I’ve found that it never hurts to dust up on the basics.

In this inaugural edition of ‘FUNDED Australia’, this article will be the first of a long line of useful insights into grantseeking. This time around, we’ll be looking closely at the initial stages; questions like ‘Where do I begin?’, ‘How long will an application take?’, ‘Is my project/organisation eligible?’, ‘How/when is it appropriate to talk to the funder?’, and so on.