Cyber Security Grants in Australia

Cyber Security Grants in Australia

Addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities routinely ranks as one of the top priorities for industries across Australia. One of the major roadblocks to fixing these vulnerabilities is the issue of tight budgets. The recently released 2022-23 budget included a record $9.9 billion investment into Australia’s Cyber Security: the REDSPICE program, as well as several other promises including STEM, Women in Cyber and Technology, regional technological development, and Cyber security tax incentives for small and medium businesses.  But what does this actually mean, and what expenditures are eligible for cyber-security projects in Australia? Join Tom Bligh, Australia’s Grants Office Development Consultant, to find out who is able to access this funding, and the types of programmes likely to appear as a result of this budget.

In addition to this, chime in to find out more about the Cybersecurity Skills Partnership Innovation Fund, Cybersecurity Business Connect and Project grants, as well as AustCyber Projects Fund, previous grant opportunities for cyber security projects in Australia as we share our insights for future funding opportunities from the 2022-23 Australian Federal Budget announcement.

Finally, stick around to find out more about funding guidelines for these grant opportunities, key components necessary to prepare a winning application, and what will make your next application stand out!!!


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