Building Your Grants Strategy 2023

Building Your Grants Strategy 2023

Happy New Year! Now that we’re all back in the office, what better time to get ahead and start preparing for a new year of grant opportunities. Whether you’re starting a new initiative, innovating your current business practices or collaborating on a community project, consider grant-seeking to unlock additional funding and accomplish your goals for the year ahead.

Join Eily Fidock, Grants Development Consultant for Australia to learn about what you can do now to get ‘grant ready’. During this session, we’ll discuss how to identify which grant opportunities you want to pursue over the next 12 months and why it’s important to identify your organisation’s long- and short-term goals. We’ll also discuss the timing of open grants in the Australian landscape and how to best be prepared to hit the ground running once your desired grant opens for application.

If you’re new to grant seeking – or even curious about what it might take for your organisation to consider applying for grant funding – you won’t want to miss this session.


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