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Australian cyber security

Australian Cyber Security Strategy, 2023-2030

The Australian Cyber Security Strategy was unveiled by the Albanese Government in November 2023 as a $586.9M plan to boost cyber resilience, six sheilds, SMB support, and global cyber leadership. The strategy represents the Government’s proposed roadmap for a comprehensive, long-term plan to enhance national cyber resilience and security and to position Australia as a […]
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grants for innovation

Top 10 Grants for Innovation to watch for in 2024

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of funding and support in Australia, grants for innovation serve as catalysts for new products, community development, and sustainability initiatives. As we step into 2024, the anticipation for new and upcoming funding opportunities for grant-seekers is palpable. As we uncover the top ten funding programs that are either ongoing […]
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Creating your 2024 Grants Calendar

Developing a 2024 grants calendar for your over the upcoming months is important for several reasons, including grant and program awareness, strategic planning, and even resource allocation when it comes time to apply. HOW TO START BUILDING A GRANTS CALENDAR? A grant calendar can take many forms, structures, or designs, but in essence, is a […]
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Schools Upgrade Fund

A Deep Dive on the Schools Upgrade Fund

The Department of Education has opened Round 2 of the $275.2 million Schools Upgrade Fund. Just like last year, this fund opened late in the year and is closing in February next year, so eligible educational institutions must gear up for the application process before the Christmas break. If you are a public school in […]
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supporting documents

7 Types of Supporting Documents for Grant Applications

While each grant proposal will have its own set of specific guidelines and required supporting documents, grant writers can save a lot of time (and spare some headaches) by maintaining a ‘Frequently Used’ file of the most requested supporting documents and materials. Depending on the type of programs your organisation typically applies for funding, your […]
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new south wales budget

The New South Wales Budget – One of NSW’s Biggest Infrastructure Budgets, but what does that mean for its residents?

The recently announced New South Wales budget has set a new standard for infrastructure investment, with the largest infrastructure budget since 2011 (see Fig. 1). The pressure was on for Treasurer Daniel Mahooney to deliver the first NSW state budget by the Labor government in more than a decade. Health, education, and world-class infrastructure are […]
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