2022 – 23 Australian Federal Budget (October 2022): Grant Highlights


It’s been nine years since the last Labor Federal budget was delivered in 2013 and as of last Tuesday night, the drought is broken. After almost six months in power, the Albanese Labor government delivered its’ hotly anticipated budget that will carry the country through the next seven months until our next budget in May 2023.

This budget has ushered in a number of changes to the federal grant funding landscape; some long-standing grant programs are gone; some new ones have emerged, as have areas of significant investment where the green shoots of grant funding may sprout in the future.

We expect a clearer picture of the federal grants landscape will emerge in the May 2023 budget when we will have had the opportunity to examine the flow of funding and which significant areas of investment will channel their funding.

In any event, our budget nerds at Grants Office Australia have been hard at work peeling line-by-line through the papers, crunching numbers and searching for hidden context and clues. We will release a full complement of resources dedicated to this budget before the end of 2022 (webcasts, December edition of FUNDED, etc). Make sure you subscribe to receive updates (link below) to stay up to date on any announcements. In the meantime, let’s take a quick-fire look at some of the highlights from the Australian Federal Budget October 2022-23: